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The Yoni Egg and How It Can Benefit You

It is important that women from all walks of life know the Yoni egg and how it can help their sexual health. Over the recent years, there has been plenty of hype and misinformation as well about the Yoni egg. However, it’s true benefits are not superficial and if used properly can provide deep, profound experiences for any woman. The benefits can be unlocked upon connecting sacred energy to the female anatomy. But first, it is important to understand what the Yoni egg is, to begin with. Yoni is a yogic/Sanskrit word that means sacred space. When referring to the Yoni egg, it is a crystal egg placed in the vagina of women to support their sexual vitality and health. This product is used to tone, tighten and strengthen the pelvic floor and vaginal muscles. It is also very beneficial for menopausal women, since it can increase blood circulation which improves vaginal elasticity and lubrication.

The Yoni egg is by far among the best feminine tools a woman can use to connect to her sexuality like never before. Learning how to use a Yoni egg and using it as it’s supposed to be great for re-sensitizing the female anatomy, which is why it is a great supporter of improved sexual health. Genuine Yoni eggs are made of natural stone, which is a safe material as you should avoid any synthetically manufactured eggs. Part of the advantages of using this tool is in its mineral structure since different eggs have unique qualities. To learn more benefits of yoga eggs, click here:

If you are relatively new to Yoni eggs, the jade stone is a good one for starters. Reason being, it is made of hard stone, which relieves you of the worry that any cracks or chips could harm you in case you drop the egg accidentally. Additionally, it is the most commonly used stone for this purpose even traditionally. Besides the jade egg, other alternatives include the obsidian Yoni egg and the rose quartz Yoni egg. It is recommended that you use the obsidian and rose quartz egg stones after getting accustomed to the jade Yoni egg. When using the rose quartz eggs, take plenty of caution since the crystal is very fragile. If you ever drop it accidentally, there is a high likelihood the egg will get chipped. Therefore, practice due diligence by always thoroughly checking its surface for any cracks or chips before inserting it into your body. Other than that, the egg is quite emotionally soothing and a great enhancer of sexual health, not to mention visually appealing. For more information, click here:

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